Fighting for a cure and helping people with ALS live their lives to the fullest.


ALS United Orange County is committed to supporting individuals and families impacted by Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). Through collaboration with the community, medical experts, and researchers, we aim to improve quality of life, raise awareness, and advance effective treatments toward finding a cure for this devastating disease. Our dedication remains steadfast as we stand united in the fight against ALS.

Everything we do advances the search for effective treatments and cures for ALS

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Raised for ALS Research


Our research program fuels global collaboration to expedite the discovery of treatments and a cure.

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People Served This Year

Care Services

Our team of professional Care Managers provide expert advice and assistance for people living with ALS, free of charge.

OC Advocacy
Actions Taken


We focus on educating, advocating, and mobilizing all members of Congress in a bipartisan fashion to benefit people with ALS. 

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Featured Event Walk United Against ALS

Join us on Saturday, November 2, 2024, as we Unite against ALS. Fundraising through the walk drives bold and urgent innovation as we march together toward a treatment and ultimately a cure for ALS.

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Join a Support Group

ALS United Orange County currently holds two (2) support group meetings per month.  One is in-person and the other is virtual allowing as many people to participate as possible.

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News & Stories

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Understanding ALS

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The Unsung Heroes: ALS Caregivers and Their Significant Role

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Government Assistance for ALS

Stay up-to-date on ALS research, upcoming events, and how the ALS United Orange County is helping patients in your community.